Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zentangled Cookies???????

Tangles go on absolutely everything.  Right?  Maybe . . . . maybe not.  I think I better stick with a pen.

Today I baked some sugar cookies and appropriately cut them into 3 1/2 inch squares, frosted them with white frosting, and then with my black (who ever heard of that) icing, proceeded to tangle on them.  Well, you need so much control with the tube of icing it is nearly impossible to do it well. Then I also failed to realize that to do some of the tangles one would have to use so much icing that it would be just too too sweet.  It reminded of the time I had some boys at my son's birthday party decorate their own pieces of cake.  They had a good time but I would guess they might have been pretty sick by the time these boys were returned to their parents.  I had never seen so much frosting in all my life.

I tried

  • Rick's Paradox - didn't turn out too badly but I had to limit the number of lines I used and placed them quite far apart.
  • Cadent -  My lazy S's ended up going the opposite way I usually do it under ordinary circumstances (that is, with a pen).
  • Bales - total disaster -  I thought this would be so simple but it was not.  I didn't have the control necessary.  LOL  
At this point I'm thinking that I probably will not pursue teaching a combination Zentangle®/cake decorating class.  LOL

Just for fun I'll post some pictures.  You can make your own verdict.  (Don't spare my feelings.)

I have tangled shoes, sweatshirts, fabric, balloons, my driveway, a map of the United States, my arm, and anything else that has an empty space on it.  I think I better stick with any of those things . . . . NOT cookies.  The thought was good.  Maybe I just need practice . . . but that's not gonna happen.


  1. Joyce,
    Could you possibly tangle on graham crackers? - less sugary, but might be a good option to try.

  2. LOL - I like can EAT your mistakes! I think they're cute!

  3. I did eat my mistakes, Dixie. Unfortunately, for my waistline, I made too many mistakes.