Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unnamed Tangle

As you can probably tell, I am at a loss when naming this pattern.  The pattern came about when I was shopping online for Christmas presents.  I saw a poinsettia that really needed to be dissected and made into a tangle. I thought about naming it Settia but that is too much like poinsettia . . .  but maybe it will work.  Let me know what you think I should name it.

Incidentally, I never did get any online shopping done . . . if anyone wants to help with that,  PLEASE DO!!!


  1. I really like this so much. There are so many uses for "flowers"

  2. It reminds me of the flower on the stick that you blow on and it rotates. Now what is that called? a windmill? The breakdown is well done. Thanks. I'll use this pretty thing.

  3. windmill... pinwheel....

    how about windwheel for the name?

  4. I like this pattern! And I like Settia for the name!