Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tangle Tuesday Nov. 22

I was quite prolific yesterday.  In my repertoire yesterday were five tiles and the letter "B."  The difficult thing about drawing on the letter is that it is three dimensional.  The sides can be difficult to do.  Today I will finish the letter "J."

Trying some new tangles that I have never done before is on the agenda these days.  Sandy Bartholomew (I think it was Sandy)  said that she was going to go through tanglepatterns.com, starting with the letter "A" and tangle each one.  I wonder how long that would take.  Linda has so many tangles in there.

Here are yesterdays tangles.

Oops!  It looks like one of those cookies I tangled slipped into that picture.


  1. I am really enjoying seeing all the new tangles, but alas the nearest I have come is to design a piece of contemporary blackwork, which looks like a tangle in my journal.

  2. Nice work here, Joyce. Looking forward to seeing your tangled letters. I have 1/2 of a "C" done. :-)