Thursday, November 17, 2011

Drink and Draw

OMG!   Last night was soooo fun!  It was our Drink and Draw at Vino Etcetera.  There were seven people there along with Corrine, Don and I.  Corrine gave them samples of 6 wines during the evening, just small samples not a glass full. Then Don or I would teach a tangle, then another sampling of wine, another tangle, and so on through the evening.  It, of course was not a regular class but it sure was FUN! We must have gone through 6 tangles during the event.

Don had decided to wear his tails so I also decided to dress "quasi" elegant.  We also had worked out a few things to interject into the "class" occasionally. We are not really comedians but last night I guess we resembled comedians a little bit.  Many years ago each of us had done some clown work so I guess it came quite easily to us.  Funny thing about the clown work . . . Don had done some and I had done some also but neither of us knew the other was clowning.

I have added some pictures here . . .  probably more to come later . . . Corrine has some that she will send me.



  1. What a great event, Joyce. congratulations!

  2. It looks as though you all had fun. I would love to be able to come to one of your get togethers but it is a little too far. LOL

  3. Joyce, that sounds like so much fun! Teaching tangles, clowning and drinking - can it get any better? I think not.